Restaurants represented approximately 25% of food spending in 1995, by today that number has risen to over %52.

This can be due to the fact of a few things, including the convince and experience of eating out. Access to fast food services has also become easier thanks to Uber Eats, DoorDash, Menulog etc. In addition, these services also offer a great range and variety, with a great price-point and caters to dietary requirement options.

With the restaurant industry catering to a diversity of preferences and different services, there is now a greater demand to meet customers expectations in the market. Effectively communicating with your customers is a key part of providing a memorable service and great dining experience.

This is where digital signage can come into play, effectively improving on an already solid foundation.

Dynamic digital menus allow for smarter sales

Digital menu boards have quickly taken over the old way of static menu boards, or at least this is the case for big players in the industry. Going digital means brighter, more vibrant displays, moving content and animated content delivery. Digital menus captivate and attract customers as they are more visually attractive. A recent study concluded that moving content emotionally connects with consumers twice as much as static content does.

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